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Crash course on cryptocurrency. Presentations, lectures, and one-on-one lessons.


Form an investment strategy. Buy or trade bitcoin on exchanges, then securely store your investment.


Use our network of projects to jump start your project. Contact us to learn how to integrate with us.

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Project Network

We're active in multiple bitcoin projects, and are building a synergistic network to offer our clients a set of ready made tools. This tight network is formed by the projects that Blockchain I/O, LLC has partial or full equity interest.

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"How you adapt to bitcoin will define your success this decade."

Are you ready for it?

What We Do


Our services cover a large spectrum. We typically serve individuals and startups that are curious about the benefits that bitcoin or blockchain technology can bring to their portfolio or business. We educate and consult teams, we are building the platform, and we are building a community.

How We Work


Our core values are freedom, people, and open source. If we deal with clients and respect those three concerns our reputation will take care of itself. We try to build value for our clients where ever we can.

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Contacting us is easy. We are very approachable and ready to listen to your needs. Every project is unique and we are here to build value for yours. Just reach out.
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If you are interested in learning more about any of our services please contact us using the form here.